Cultivating Hope & Strength to Improve Lives

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     Family Foundations Counseling (FFC) is a vibrant group of behavioral health professionals in Tacoma, Washington who function as a team to help others experience enriched lives. The Christian counselors are open to all individuals, couples, and families regardless of religious preference, race or culture. The focus of FFC is personal and relational growth as well as healing for the wounded spirit, soul, and body through the healthy integration of relational, psychological, and spiritual principles with clinical excellence. We offer services to "restore, support, strengthen, and build a firm foundation" (I Peter 5:10 NLT). FFC practitioners are available for seminars, consultation, and training.


     Cultivating Hope & Strength to Improve Lives



          Highest standards of client care and services with professional excellence


          Through security of being loved, we courageously strive to become our full potential


          Life management is congruent with an uncompromised Biblical worldview


          We are guided thoughtfully and with intention to be fully invested in the team


     At Family Foundations, we value each person and are committed to providing support regardless of what one is going through. We believe God loves every person unconditionally and He wants to be with them in their journey...and so do we.

     Do you think anyone is going to be able to drive a wedge between us and Christ's love for us? There is no way! Not trouble, not hard times, not hatred, not hunger, not homelessness, not bullying threats, not backstabbing, not even the worst sins listed in Scripture. Romans 8:35 MSG

     At FFC, we strive to be grounded in love. We believe that a Biblical worldview points us to how people thrive. We are guided by grace, truth, and the following principles:

     There exists only one God, creator and sustainer of all things, infinitely perfect and eternally co-existing in three persons Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

     The Scriptures, both Old and New testaments, are the inspired, inerrant and trustworthy Word of God, the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of human beings, and the final authority for all matters about which it speaks.

     Human nature derives from two historical personas, male and female, created in God’s image. They were created perfect, but they sinned, plunging themselves and all human beings into sin, guilt, suffering, and death.

     The substitutionary death of Jesus Christ and his bodily resurrection provide the only ground for justification, forgiveness, and salvation for all who believe. Only those who trust in Him alone are born of the Holy Spirit and are true members of the Church; only they will spend eternity with Christ.

     The Holy Spirit is the agent of regeneration and renewal for believers in Jesus Christ. He makes the presence of Jesus Christ real in believers, and He comforts, guides, convicts, and enables believers to live in ways that honor Christ.

     Ministry to persons acknowledges the complexity of humans as physical, social, psychological, and spiritual beings. The ultimate goal of Christian counseling is to help others move to personal wholeness, interpersonal competence, mental stability, and spiritual maturity.


     In 1982, while attending Bible school, Brian Tingley became aware of the reciprocal interaction between the spiritual and the psychological and the importance of nurturing both. That discovery was so inspiring to him that he eventually redirected his vocational plans from ministry and media to becoming a professional counselor. Brian established a private practice in 2002 after a colleague offered to share her University Place office space with him and Family Foundations Counseling was born.

     Brian and his wife, Elaina, also a counselor, opened their own office space in Fircrest during the summer of 2011. It was shortly thereafter that additional counselors joined FFC. As the need for services increased, additional counselors joined the team. With more people came the need for more space. In 2014, FFC moved to its current location at 2002 65th Avenue West.

     As FFC continues to grow, our mission remains the same - Cultivating Hope and Strength to Improve Lives.

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